About Me

Hi! My name’s Crystal. I see you’ve come to my website. It’s a bit under construction right now, but here’s my blog, and here’s my resume, if you want a look at how I think/what I’ve done.

I’m a fresh graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, and I guess you could say I want to be a journalist. But as time has gone on, I’ve learned I’m more concerned with aspiring to be a person of the world. I truly believe journalism is still where I can make that magic happen best. But in the meantime, I’m open to the label with which I define myself changing.

My day job will be be interning at the Minneapolis Star Tribune this summer as a features intern. I’ve also written for the Indianapolis Star, the Grand Forks Herald, and papers based in Columbia, Mo, among other publications. My most recent gig was remotely writing for the Spokane Spokesman-Review covering Congress in Washington, D.C.

I hail from Portland, Ore. originally, where I appreciated a liberal upbringing but moved to a public school in a swing state to learn about life outside the bubble. Adventures around the Midwest over the last four years have given me more talking points with more people, and I’m hungry to expand my travels and knowledge.

I’ve won an Associated Collegiate Press award as a freshman for my reporting on student parents, written about 300-person towns in rural North Dakota, camped out in rural Minnesota for hours reporting on a developing standoff on a farm, sat in on a 39-hour Missouri Senate filibuster, bothered legislators in the U.S. Capitol, interviewed supporters at a Trump rally and live-tweeted vice presidential-hopeful Mike Pence’s withdrawal from the governor’s race for a major news outlet.

But really, I pride myself on writing 120 wpm, overanalyzing the details of life (and death) and crafting abstract personal narratives. My dream journalistic story is researching what toothpaste brands the most powerful people in the world use, but I have yet to find a publication that cares.

Let’s work together soon —  I’ll be catching the tide of the next big revolution in informative written media in Los Angeles. Coasts make everything a bit more peaceful; god knows we need more of that goodness now. If you want to make a new friend/contact/throw me a tip on those pastes, let’s talk over email, linkedin, or twitterEnglish or Mandarin works. (我的中文水平比你想象得高.)

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